Artist Illustrates 10+ Dark Comics With Unexpectedly Creepy Twists

4 panel comics with a dark humor created by 34-Year-Old Remi Lascault. He is a French Artist and he has been drawing since childhood. Lascault has not been shown any words in his artwork but does edge them with unexpected turns. Demonstrate his mastery of strips comics of Instagram, Lascault modify the dark and irrelevant art of perfection.

Moving on topics, including nature, death, love and and metaphysics, Lascault’s drawings are sufficient to hurt, but it has the intention to make people laugh as well. Remi Lascault, the French Art Director who likes having a noticeable harsh style before a final drawing has released a book titled Lorem Ipsum Dolar. We respect his funnies and as such, we have collected his latest work for you. So, go ahead and check it out as they are waiting for your attention.