A Viral Monster Story That Has Been Arousing Tumblr And Uses For Years, Illustrates By An Artist

Some few things stay forever on the internet. And a particular writing prompt released in 2017 and stuck around for a while.

Author Kitten Wiskers, also known as Mindy is a writer known for Tumblr for turning short written messages into incredible stories. In 2017, one of their stories went viral on the platform which is “#Case: 273402 Status: Disastrous”, and it remains popular even after three years have passed.

The story follows a little brave girl who doesn’t scared any of the monsters that lives under a bed but there is a worse creature in little angel’s life.

Natalia Sorokina is an Russian artist who has been turned it into an remarkable comic strip. Natalia told it’s “her first colored comics ever” which made her feel a little nervous. Artist Natalia who also known by the nickname jwitless. Check out her amazing creativity below:-

Source:- Instagram

This story originally posted by Kitten Wiskers has been viral for the past three years