A College student ultimately makes hilarious illustrations about her everyday life, & they’re so Relatable

Bee is a talented comics artist who tries to make people laugh with her art. This talented artist publishes comics whose protagonist is a 20-year-old girl who is also experiencing different kinds of challenges in real life. This 20-year-old girl is looking for challenges that she has also felt and everyone else in this world is feeling and who is closely related to someone from the same generation. This artist is also very popular on Instagram and she has more than 400k followers there. You can also peep into these fun facts and enjoy such artworks by scrolling down.

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#1 Kindly, somebody calls for an ambulance!

#2 Have some humanity, human beings

#3 Violent conflict avoidance? Uh… Nah…

#4 Yup! Please! They will live, and they will try and collect vengeance

#5 Random stranger Stuff, you’re crazy!

#6 Somewhere in the eventually no matter what, you can do it

#7 When everybody else pours over their babies

#8 If you invite friends and remember later what an incredible fault it was

#9 So now, why are people doing this?

#10 So does your bra make you feel uneasy?

#11 Good for your world, bad for your guns

#12 Don’t think about it. Millennials age as good wine.