30 Times Parents Were Surprised By The Mind Of Their 7-Year-Old

7-year-old kids are such a huge surprise nowadays that you never know when are they going to teach you all a lesson on life instead of drool or something even nastier. Sometimes they will leave you in awe with their creative logic, don’t believe us? Then check out these funny tweets of parents tweeting about their 7-year-olds’ best thoughts online – a complete entertainment for your weekend!

#1 Me too kid, me too!

#2 So Deep Ya!

#3 This Kid is smart!

#4 Someone Knows Her Better

#5 Better Decision!

#6 Lol!

#7 The Reply Must Be: Doo do dood do!

#8 Mexican restaurant maybe!

#9 Magic!

#10 He is safe from the floor lava as long as he is dangling there!

#11 I Would Sleep With One Eye Open, Lol!

#13 How Cool That Would Be!

#14 Every Damn Weekend I Think The Same!

#15  Brutal Honesty!

#16 Why Kids Are So Honest About Everything?

#17 Oops!

#18 Lol!

#19 When He’s Right, He’s Right!

#20 Such A Mature Decision Right? Even Adults Will Fail On This!

#21 Hehehe!

#22 Kids Are Always Right!

#23 No Way!! Lol!

#24 Ahhhh!

#25 Well, Let The Bear Decides The Deal!

#26 This Kid Is A Genius

#27 Ummm!

#28 Whattt!

Well, seeing these tweets remind us of our childhood days, isn’t it? Do you have any funny memories from past to share or any present one with your mini version? If yes, then let’s know on the comment section. We would love to hear your stories!

What do you think?

Written by Piyali Majumder


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