30 Silly Comics Full Of Random Twists Made By This Artist


These past few days have been very hard on everyone because of the lockdown. Being in this pandemic made us consume so much content which would not have happened otherwise.
It is possible to feel a sense of vulnerability in this pandemic but as in every situation, some people find little things and can make you laugh. Social media has made it possible to discover content you like for instance, this lockdown various astonishing artists emerged and managed to make us laugh.

We have seen many comic artists this year. One of these artists is Kyle the creator of Katalyst comics, famously known for his character i.e. “Blue Boi”.
Kyle started making comics as a way to pass time and relieve stress, during the first wave of coronavirus lockdowns in April 2020. Artist expressed he loves making jokes and making other people laugh. According to Kyle drawing comics is like spreading joy to the people around him.
Kyle’s art can be described best as random and seemingly out-of-context illustrations with an unexpected ending. His art has a very fresh take on humor with the right amount of wittiness the best way to brighten your day. He takes on everyday life situations and presents them in a witty way.

We have picked some very uplifting illustrations by the artist. So sit back and enjoy the artwork of the talented artist.

#1 Upliftment


#2 Koalaty

#3 Kiwi


#4 Trash

#5 Flowers

#6 Hot sun

#7 Netflix and chill

#8 Zombies

#9 Boop


#10 Life circle

#11 Hangry

#12 Spiders?

#13 Photobomb

#14 Act of kindness

#15 Magic

#16 Mugshot

#17 Flying money

#18 Jackedup Covid

#19 Cat memes

#20 Summerrr

#21 Not quick enough!!!

#22 Everday

#23 Just a few more

#24 Vicious cycle

#25 Quack

#26 The party is Ogre

#27 Beewear Ahead

#28 Simple steps

#29 Yes or No


#30 Space and Time



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