30 One-Panel Comics That Might Brighten Your Day By Laughing Hippo Studio

Many of you will remember the jokes and other topics about husband and wife published in the old-fashioned newspapers. They were really direct and went straight to the point. Doug Hill’s comics will make you feel a little sad if you still remember them. Doug Hill has made a different identity on social media, he is known there by the name Laughing Hippo Studio. He is a talented artist and is very popular among people. This talented artist has created potpourri cartoons as well as bartoons and off-the-wall comics and made an impact. His style of writing is very simple and will remind you of newspaper comics. As far as the humor of this talented artist is concerned, he is quite silly, which comes full of spontaneity, sentences, and unexpected endings.

Doug creates an impression among people through his comics and this is not only because of his simple style or the one-panel illustrations but also because of his unique humor. Some people will feel sad and inferior after seeing these comics and if not, they will never have seen this type of comic. And the reason for watching his comics will also be their interest. Very little is known about Doug as a person. His comics are always full of humor, very naughty, and sometimes even dirty. The subjects chosen by them can be very risky at times but it is all for good entertainment by them. This talented artist makes fun of artist society, marriage, human emotions, and many more things through his comics.

When asked in an interview that how he got into art Doug told that he started making them from the age of 12 or 13 and he mostly copied the work from Mad magazine cartoonists. Doug added that before he starts drawing he had to visualize the idea and that was the hardest part for him. He added that the topics for his comics can be anything. His style of creating comics is semi-realistic and rarely bizarre artwork. He stated that the humor he creates is mostly based on real-life that many people can relate to.

Doug has a piece of great advice for all the upcoming artists. He says that there is no single cartooning style and you can get help from other cartoonists’ work too. Stick to your style by learning from others. You can follow Doug on Instagram Website