Artist Ryan Pagelow illustrated 30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Endings

‘Ryan Pagelow’ an artist who is based in Chicago, his work towards webcomics is attractive which makes people insane. The creative artist creates entertaining and mood- enhancer pieces including characters such as animals, foods, ghosts and everyday objects. Ryan Pagelow has been drawing comic strips for most of his life. His work has appeared in several newspapers, online sites and Mad magazine. When he is not drawing so he do photography. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in Chicago.

Artist Ryan’s Instagram has followers over 660k. He is professional at what he does, especially as he brings smile on people’s face, feel and reflect through his positive comics. Ryan is the creator of ‘Buni Comic’s which launched 10 years ago and was named Best Online Comic bt the National Cartoonist society in 2013.

Buni, as described on Ryan’s page is a cheerful bunny with positive attitude but extremely bad luck. Bunny doesn’t understand that the cute world he lives in is usually out to get him. The girls he loves, loves someone else. And his best intentions never seem to work. Yet he wakes up every day hopeful. Although Ryan’s artwork have featured in China, Italy and United States publications. Scroll down and look at Ryan’s cheerful work and brace yourself up for the silly, funny and sometimes sad comics recipe. Check it out by yourself.

Source:- Instagram

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