This Artist Draws Comics With Unexpected Endings (30 New Pics)

Lots of people love art and unexpected twists and endings. And when you combine these two together you get Artist Allison and his hilarious and surprising comics. He’s the creative genius that illustrates humorous comics with mostly unexpected endings and sometimes dark undertones. Chris has been creating comics for 10 years. Thousands of people follow Chris on Instagram and love the way he delivers the jokes and punchlines

Chris think that inspiration for a comic is like magic.

We love comics and if you’re like us and you too like them a bit dark with unexpected endings then scroll down and enjoy.

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She’s feeling lazy!!


Ain’t it though? LOL 😛


Well kittens are best at the end of the day!


A trash truck operator can make 6 figures, kid!!


No MOON, You’re not fat! you’re large & we love you <3


Flatter. Distract. Stab. 😉


One of the things I got confused about.


And that’s how Bella got Edvard going all sexy on their honeymoon.


That suicide note eventually turns into his first published book.


The millennial employment crisis in a nutshell.


Poor penguin!! 🙁


You could just say No, Susan.


That’s why you should not lie.


I knew miss piggy is the only toxicity in their relationship.


And the student became the master 😀


….And he was, indeed, sick of his bullshit.


That just got complicated for a lot of reasons.


Arm all the dogs.




Doggo is always the best friend.


“RUDOLPH! Since when do you wear GLASSES”??


Donkeys. :/


See even a murderous literally bloodthirsty Vampire wears a mask.


Oh much better now 😀


Oh honey you’re melting my heart.


I was like “Awwww” to “Bro, WTF?!”


Endless loop.


That escalated quickly.


Oh that’s.. I just feel sorry for you.


That mask moved. LOL