Artist Tony Esp Created 30 Comics With Weird And Dark Endings

The Mexico- based artist Tony Esp using his free time by started drawing comics over four years ago. Tony Esp told about the beginning of his career that he conclusively would love to turn into a full-time job.

His illustrations are full with weird and unexpected endings. Comic artist and animator Tony Esp said he creates random comics that extent from puns and silly jokes to twisted comics that make you think “wait… what?” after reading them. Even if you look at the comic as a guessing game, think you have it figured out, and try to pinpoint how they will end- it is mostly not possible, as these short stories are weird and unexpected too. The artist doesn’t think that it’s his unique art style that helps him to come out from the crowd. I’m sure these comics will undoubtedly entertain you in your lonely time.

Source:- Instagram



“My comics are… weird even for me. It can go from wholesome family content to alien sex and horror in an instant. If I had to describe them, I would say: WTF,” Tony esp described his comics”.



“I started drawing comics around Oct 2016. I wanted to create a YouTube channel back then, but I realized I didn’t have the drawing skills for what I wanted to create, so I had to put it on hiatus. I remember reading a comic called Rosiana Rabbit by Alex Dempsey and thought that comics were an easy way to improve my art. So I started drawing comics.”


“I don’t exactly sit down in my chair and try to write something funny. Most of the jokes came while I was in the shower, and on rare occasions, I base them on my life.”