3 Surprisingly Creepy Comics By Adam Ellis With Dark Endings

Pals, get ready for something hilarious we brought you today. And if you are a fan of dark humor and hilariously creepy and unexpected dark endings, then these comics will make your day.

A lot of people love dark endings. And they all know Adam Ellis, also known as Adamtots. Though, Adamtots has always been famous for his comedic editions. So, the mystery and riddles are not the genres of Adamtots. But his latest comic edition is so mysterious and hilarious.

Adamtots always takes on day-to-day life struggles, and his comics are always full of hilarious endings. But if you are a fan of Adam, you can see that he has been now sinking his head into the adult genre. Besides hilarious comics with a touch of dark humor, Adam also dabbles the darker than dark humor in spooky tales. Moreover, the darker endings of his creepy series leave his readers to wonder.

Prove that you are a fan of dark and creepy endings by supporting Adam on his  Instagram here. Or you can unite his Patreon from as affordable as $1. Moreover, we love the way Adam is trying to dig more and more spooky sides of the comics. So, if we tell you that some of his ideas are initially from his friends and fans, Yes, and we absolutely love them.

Therefore, we have compiled his three latest mysteriously creepy comics. Here, so go and check them out, and we are sure it will definitely make you a fan of the dark endings.

#1  The Strange Door (Original story by: Krishnarjun Bhattacharya).


#2  Little House In The Sea.

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#3  Salami, olives, and sausage.

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