20 Silly And Absurd One-Panel Comics Filled With Funny Puns By Tomversation


You all will believe the sentence that a simple punch line is enough to make anyone shine. You must remember the single panel cartoons printed in old newspapers. Those cartoons used to be very simple and were also very popular among the people. One of the secrets to that fame was also their funny one-liners. This artist named Tomversations is a talented one who creates comics of the general genre. In their artful comics, you will also see many times with deep-filled humor, which will make your day after reading it.

The artist often uses dark humor as well as funny puns and wordplay in their comics. In their work, you will get to see strange and funny characters. The characters portrayed by the artist are in absurd situations and with unexpected twists. You can find this funny comic on TomFalco.com Monday-Friday because it’s published here. We have brought you some of their finest artwork. Enjoy it by scrolling down. You will find more information about them on their Instagram and other social media networks like Facebook Twitter Website




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