20 Perfect Horror Tales For A Scary Weekend

After Football, swapping ghost story pages is the best American entertainment. So, get ready for the amusement. Meet Bathpoopoo, an artist and terrifyingly genius. He has the quality to go filled terror with his Spooktober comic series. Yes, we are near December, but is there a right time or place to enjoy spooky stories? Yes, there is. But you have to do it right.

So, sit on the ground with the lamps off and candles on, or if you really want to set the mood, risk going to your local graveyard on the night with the full moon. Now firstly, Hold the frightful pressure of the anxiety in the sky and a tingle of excited delirium for the next ghoulish story to be told. Are you afraid of dark? just don’t and go on.

Well, We hope your weekend gets better once you explore the dark ideas and tales that he poured during the month. Beforehand, Bathpoopoo did a couple of horrors last year on Halloween and showed enthusiasm in creating more outside the season.

Whether it is Halloween or not, we have something spooky for you. So, we’ve got loads of horror stories to pick at the strings of your sanity. They are maybe made up, but from real imagination. So, are you ready to swing disbelief? Read on…if you dare. 

So, Scroll on and enjoy his latest comics and make sure to check him out on Instagram.