20+ Celebrities Amazing Pics Before & After Their Weight Loss Transformation

Most of the time celebrities often criticized for their size and many have taken a big step, working hard to lose weight for several reasons- to feel better in their bodies, to improve their health, feeling confident, living healthier and the list goes on. Many of them have made transformations through diet and exercise.

At last year, Rebel Wilson’s weight loss made headlines as she lost over 60 pounds after declaring it her “Year of Health.” Adele also showed off a noticeably toned figure during an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and Jessica Simpson, Ayesha Curry, and Simon Cowell all overhauled their diet and fitness routines to live healthier lives. But no two of them took the same route.

Some of them cut down on alcohol, sugar, dairy, some increased the intensity of their workouts and other took plant- based diets. And also some celebs focused on moderation of favorite snacks, meal, portion controls and some started cardio, yoga, walking,strength training and even weight loss surgery.

They all took different approaches but they have together proved one thing to be true: Determination and consistency do pay off. These two are the most important thing if we want to achieve success. Because without it we can’t do anything even a small work.

Believe me these pictures are best for motivation, If you are thinking for weight loss. I also took motivation from these types of pics only when I was in my transformation journey and honestly that worked very well.

Scroll down and check out before vs after photos of some celebs.