16 Amazing Cosplays By Talented Artist That Look Exactly Like The Characters

Wearing a costume and doing the makeup like a character is not as simple as it seems. One has to not only look good in get-ups but also need to capture the core of the character. The cosplay requires a lot more than makeup, poses, and such. While facing different problems, the cosplayers have to look majestic. Eleanor Barnes is one such famous majestic artist who posts many of their costumes on Instagram. 

Eleanor does a tremendous job in bringing the most beloved characters from movies and anime into real life. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, she is going strong. She truly manages to capture the look and feel of the character, and it’s amazing. It is hard to pick up the superlative post among so many stunning cosplays. Still, we have managed to represent some of her best work.

Source: Youtube | Instagram

#1 Portraying Cruella De Vil

#2 Jessica Rabbit

#3 Like new Adams Series Character

#4 Sexy Villain

#5 One with long hair

#6 Vampire look

#7 An old version of Harley Quinn

#8 Cute Costume

#9 Sad look, still looking pretty

#10 Ready to solve a mystery

#11 Lookalike Kim

#12 Cat woman

#13 Perfect facial expression

#14 Stunning like a first childhood crush

#15 One with a flying picture

#16 Look identical to Smurfs