15+ Dark Illustrations By Tony Esp With Unexpected Endings

People like humor. But sometimes there’s something like more funnier than the regular humor. Yes, so You guessed it right. So I am talking about Dark humor. Because As we all know that we’re all facing a pandemic. So Staying at home for weeks even for months can drive us crazy. And internet is the only way to remove this boredom and craziness. And For this reason we bring you the most dark illustrations by Artist Tony Esp with some crazy unexpected endings.

Tony Esp is an artist and animator. He’s not like always create only dark and depressing humor but he enjoys Dad puns too. Because Tony always enjoys and embraces his ideas and turned them into animation. His comics are so weird even for the artist himself. His comics are so ridiculously funny and nearly impossible to see where the story is going to take you.

Artist Tony is kind of daydreamer cause to create something like these comics requires a lot imagination. And he says that he get inspire from random stupid moments and stuff, like when he’s sleeping or taking a shower. He got all the ideas like in toilet. OK this sounds stupid because as we all  know that we get all the great ideas in the toilet. believe it or not but its a fact.

Scroll down and enjoy his great stories.

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