True Fans Will Appreciate Some Hilarious Tweets About Disney

Growing up in the golden era of Disney means you are quite familiar with the impressive stories and breathtaking movies. From creativity, illustrations, and imagination, everything seems beautiful about love and life. However, it is not always that you will see inspiring characters. There is something unrealistic about the storyline that can take away all the attention it deserves. 

Disney fans know that there are some illogical things in stories that do not require any attention. Some people have given suggestions about the relatable unreasoned things. It is not about the complaint, but some Disney tweets can change the way you see movies forever. Some tweets are hilarious that can make your day.

Source: Twitter

Belle: There goes the baker with his tray 

Baker: Belle singing her DAILY MEAN SONG

Buzz did not know he was a Toy, then how did he know to freeze around Humans?

‘Be Our Guest’ is a great song, but at the same time, it’s a man candle praising about restaurant in front of a woman

Ariel’s main hobby was to loot corpses

Pinocchio whispered, ‘You are still a winner

Baby lion cannot wait for his dad to die so that he can become a king